We focus on providing legal and consulting services to business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. Michael S. Brady has years of experience setting up and organizing new businesses, as well as helping them take the necessary steps to reaching profitability. He has represented new enterprises, as well as mature $100 million dollar companies. His clients have included software developers, electronics manufacturers, car dealerships, restaurant owners, and real estate advisory companies, to name just a few. Our services include:

Business Formation and Organization

We focus on helping new and existing business choose and form the proper business entity to protect them from liability and decrease their threat of income tax audit. However, we also believe it is essential to train all business owners in how to respect the formalities that may be required by these organizations, starting with properly holding required owner and officer meetings and formally adopting resolutions and motions.These simple steps, often ignored by business owners, help ensure that the "corporate veil" will be respected and that our clients do not find themselves subjected to unexpected liability.

Additionally, we work with our clients to draft corporate shareholder agreements, limited liability company operating agreements and partnership agreements. These documents set the foundation for how your business will operate and how you and your co-venturers will reach and enact decisions that are crucial to your business. These documents are essential to both limiting and resolving disputes between co-owners and ensure that all parties have their interests and their investments protected.

Business Plan Drafting and Implementation

Entrepreneurs are usually people with thousands of ideas in their heads, all screaming to be heard. If you find yourself jumping from one project to the next, never really finishing or accomplishing anything, you need a business plan.  If you find your business stuck in a rut, or worse, facing decline and losses due to competition, a well-thought out business plan will help you get back on track.  Mr. Brady has years of experience helping businesses and organizations figure out what they want to be when they grow up. He has assisted large businesses in setting up new departments to establish new revenue streams.  He has designed marketing plans to help businesses retain their existing clients, while generating referrals for new business. 

Once a direction has been chosen, Mr. Brady helps his clients develop a comprehensive business plan to help get them to their destination.  He is also available either on retainer or on a project basis to help ensure his clients stay on their paths or adjust to any new opportunities or challenges that may arise.  

Transactions and Real Estate

Chances are that if your business is going to be successful, you will need to deal with both customers and vendors, landlords and tenants, property sellers and buyers. The foundation of Mr. Brady's legal experience has been business transactions and real estate. He has guided hundreds of clients through sale of goods agreements, technology licensing, non-disclosure agreements, employee and independent contractor agreements, mergers and acquisitions and commercial real estate purchases, sales and leases, as well as real estate mortgages and collateralized security agreements. He provides advice on both the business and legal issues his clients face, and helps his clients make smart, practical decisions.

Succession and Estate Planning  

No matter how financially successful you may be in business, you will be a failure if you do not take the proper steps to provide for the financial security and well being of your family in the event something should happen to you. Far too many people do not have even a bare bones estate plan in place. Realize that if you do not have an estate plan, state law controls the distribution of your assets--and you may not like the results. Mr. Brady believes that everyone should have a Will, a Durable Power of Attorney, and a Health Care Proxy/Living Will in place, at a minimum. Life insurance, disability insurance and long term care insurance are other tools to consider and he offers guidance to his clients on these devices, as well. For business owners, Mr. Brady believes that shareholder and limited liability company operating agreements should also be incorporated into a proper estate plan to help ensure for an order transition of the business to the next generation or a sale upon fair terms that reflect the hard work and dedication that you have given to your business. By sitting down with his clients to gather all the necessary data, Mr. Brady is able to establish an integrated plan so that your business and your family can thrive beyond your lifetime.


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